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Our Focus

Aeros Aviation, LLC is a private investment and management firm focused on acquiring or partnering with strong competitively positioned corporate and private aviation manufacturing or services related businesses.

Our investment strategy includes management buyouts, recapitalization of the business, managerial support, strategic guidance through market evaluation and leveraging company investment with continued business-owner involvement.




Our Story

Value added engineering and creative solutions makes us an integral part of your production design team
A passion for flight and aerospace drives us to pursue excellence

We are a private equity consolidator with a proven track record of impressive successes within the aerospace/defense sector.

We are focused on developing an outstanding group of companies that deliver high-tolerance, precision products and integrated assembly solutions to our OEM, Military, and Government clients. By utilizing an incremental approach, we build and transform each business we acquire, taking it from “Good to Great.”

Combined with our expertise in mergers and acquisitions, our extensive industry and operational experience gives us an edge in the creation of integrated customer solutions, adding value to each of our investments, and aggregate value to our portfolio.

  • Vast Experience

    From more than 30 years running aerospace companies we know that attracting talent then providing a safe environment to solicit ideas gets results

  • Extensive Network

    Huge base of partners ensures lots of input driving exceptional results in any phase of production

  • Passion for Excellence

    Focus on continuous improvement combines engineering expertise with outside the box thinking to create innovative solutions

  • Collaborative Apporach

    Teams usually generate more ideas and get better results. We combine our experience, our vendors expertise, and customer input to drive better results


Industry Professionals... Solutions Driven... Polished Leaders... Highly Ethical
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Chief Executive Officer
For over 30 years Andrew has participated in successful start-ups and raised over $300MM in venture capital. He currently serves both as CEO of Aeros Aviation and aerospace portfolio company and Aeros Development Group LLC, an aerospace services company.

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